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Monday, February 24, 2020
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Jewish Americans concerned about number of anti-Semitic incidents

After it was reported that a St. Louis Jewish cemetery was vandalized, many Jewish Americans are concerned about the increasing wave of anti-Semitic incidents....

Jewish cemetery vandalized, 11 Jewish centers threatened

Since the start of the year, over 69 threats have been made against Jewish Community Centers across 27 states. Moreover, a St. Louis Jewish...

American Jews in the Trump era: “Racists feel the freedom to express hatred”

American Jews told Channel 2 News about their feelings regarding life in America during the Trump era: “There are those who feel comfortable promoting...

Jewish Billionaire Haim Saban: ‘I am troubled by Obama’s conduct”

The famous Jewish American billionaire strongly criticized US Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech and also the US government’s decision not to impose a...

Real Estate Expert: “Israel Doesn’t Encourage Diaspora Jews to Buy Property in Israel”

Recent Israeli initiatives make it more difficult for Diaspora Jews to purchase property in Israel.