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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Israel’s Supreme Court: Emptying of dangerous ammonia tank delayed

Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the ammonia tank, located in the Haifa Bay, will be emptied by the end of September. This, following an...

State Comptroller’s inquiry reveals possible criminal activity in ammonia tank dealings

Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit received a report from the state comptroller's inquiry into the Haifa ammonia tank dealings which revealed that actions were...

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to postpone emptying of ammonia tank

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened a group of senior-level officials and instructed them to postpone emptying the ammonia tank in Haifa for fear...

Haifa: Thousands protesting the Ammonia tank, schools closed

This morning, approximately 3,000 people arrived at a protest of the Ammonia tank in Haifa. Meanwhile, 8 local cities and towns have shut down...

Haifa: High school students to join protest for ammonia tank shutdown

Eight local cities and towns have already announced they will be joining the students' protest by shutting down schools until 12 pm. ...

Police close highway following Ammonia leak

Police have reassured that the leak was small-scale and does not pose a danger to the public.