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Neo Nazi

The 1st Amendment Should Not Cover Hate Speech

Anti-Semitic hate speech should no longer be protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution following the Pittsburgh massacre. Until recently, the Tree of Life...

Analysis: How Does the Holocaust Continue to Affect Us Today?

On the eve of International Holocaust Memorial Day, Rachel Avraham interviewed internationally acclaimed anti-Semitism expert Manfred Gerstenfeld and discussed how the Holocaust continues to...
Pope Francis Malacanang (wikipedia)

The Pope’s Wish to Banish Antisemitism

Following one of the most brutal attacks on the Jewish community in the history of the United States, Pope Francis condemned anti-Semitic attitudes “present...
Hundreds hold vigil for victims of Squirrel Hill synagogue 4

Analysis: How has the Muslim world reacted to the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre?

Some Muslims are raising money to help the Pittsburgh shooting victims.   Some Muslim governments are condemning the massacre.   Others in the Muslim world are...
Freedom of Expression

Op-Ed: Those in Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones

An ally of the Awami League government in Bangladesh wrote an article smearing human rights activists Shipan Kumer Basu, Aslam Chowdhury, Mendi Safadi and...
Mark Zuckerberg (Wikimedia)

FB Cartoon Depicting Two Arabs Happily Hanging an Orthodox Jew

In yet another display of Facebook’s apparent tolerance of extreme antisemitism, the social networking site initially refused to take down a disturbing cartoon which...
Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad

PM of Malaysia: Jews Have Have Hooked Noses

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad reaffirmed his statement made in the 1970s that Jews have a "hooked nose" and stated that the number of...
A photo on the Facebook page of UNRWA teacher Mazen Abo-Hady. Photo UN Watch report.

Palestinian UNRWA Teachers Celebrate the Murder of Jews

UNRWA employees are continuing to post antisemitic images calling for Jews to be stabbed, despite having been reprimanded for doing so by the agency. A...
Jeremy Corbyn speaking at rally in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 27th February 2016. (Garry Knight)

If Elected, I Will Recognize Palestine

The leader of the British opposition, Labor Jeremy Corbyn, announced that one of the first steps he will take if he is elected prime...

Jeremy Corbyn’s Rank and File at Party Conference

mid mounting allegations of Labour tolerating anti-Semites in its ranks, the party is continuing to publicly criticize the Israeli government while insisting it is...