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Eggs Thrown on Women Protesting Sexual Violence and Rape

Hundreds of women participated in the eighth annual march held by the organization SlutWalk in the center of Jerusalem, condemning the continued threat of...

Iraqi refugee who murdered Jewish teen extradited to Germany

Ali Bashar is expected to be questioned later today regarding the crimes to which he has already confessed.

Police seek to question Netanyahu in corruption cases again

It appears that the police are trying to tie up the loose ends in the cases involving the prime minister. ...

Ali Bashar confesses to murder and rape of 14-year-old Susanna Feldman

Investigators say it was not an anti-Semitic crime.

Arkady Babchenko, reported dead less than 24 hours ago, faked his own death

The Ukranian Security Service reportedly staged Babchenko's death in order to catch the people really trying to kill him.

Thousands gather for annual SlutWalk march in Tel Aviv, protest sex crimes, victim blaming

Several thousand have gathered in Tel Aviv for the seventh annual SlutWalk march. The protesters are accusing the law enforcement authorities of victim blaming...

Ashkelon hacker who terrorized JCCs in US made more fake bomb threats from jail

The young Israeli-American suspected of making fake bomb threats against Jewish institutes in the US has continued to intimidate schools while behind bars. According...

Danish citizen arrested after failed attempt to kidnap child from Jaffa playground

A Danish citizen in his twenties tried to kidnap a young girl from a Jaffa playground before her mother realized what was happening. The...

Police rule out terrorism in Jerusalem stabbing

Police suspect that criminal activity led to the stabbing of a man in his 30s on Pierre Koenig street in Jerusalem on Sunday. The...

Israeli Border Police officer given prison time for causing death of Palestinian youth

Israel Border Police officer Ben Deri was found guilty Wednesday of causing the death of Nadim Nuwara during a Nakba Day incident in 2014....