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Israeli Researchers Discover Breakthrough in Finding ALS Treatment

 Researchers at Tel Aviv University recently conducted a study that led to the discovery of a previously unknown mechanism involved in the development of...

Op-Ed: Why Are so Many Hollywood Stars Fascinated with Kabbalah?

It was reported this week that Israeli Canadian billionaire Sylvan Adams is expected to pay for Madonna’s performance at this years Eurovision Song Contest...

Iranians enrolled in online Kabbalah course of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s free online course on Kabbalah received some surprising enrollments, with students registering from countries such as Iran, Syria and...

Iranians take to Twitter to send messages of hope and support to Israel

While Muslim communities around the world marked International al-Quds day, some Iranian civilians had heartening messages of hope and love for Israel. ...

In light of new sanctions, Boeing backs out of contract with Iranian carriers

The company said it no longer has a license to sell planes to Iran, adding that no planes have been delivered so far. ...

Top 10 destinations in Northern Israel

Northern Israel is home to many attractions that make it a rich region for tourism. While many tourists tend to focus on Tel Aviv...

NATO Chief says the alliance won’t come to Israel’s aid if Iran attacks

Stoltenberg told Der Spiegel that NATO remains uninvolved in Middle Eastern security affairs.

Israeli PM says Iran should not be allowed to place military forces in Syria

Following Lavrov’s statement, the Israeli PM asserted that there is no place for Iran’s military forces in Syria.

Russian FM: Only Assad’s army should have presence along Syrian-Israeli border

The statement comes amid rising tensions between Iran’s forces in Syria and Israel.

Due to Russian-Israeli cooperation, Hezbollah terrorists now wearing Syrian Army uniforms

The Hadashot news report seems to contradict the understanding that Israel and Russia apparently reached regarding the presence of foreign forces along the Syrian-Israeli...