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Details Emerge About Undercover Israeli Operation

Back in November Israel was on the verge of war with Hamas, which saw hundreds of rockets land in Southern Israel.It is widely believed...

IDF Lt. Col. M. Killed: “Heroic Battle, Heroic Rescue”

Most of the details of the operation that took place in the Gaza Strip in which Lieutenant Colonel M. was killed and a combat...

Ronen Lubarsky, critically injured during West Bank operation, dies of his wounds

Posthumously promoted to Staff Sergeant, IDF Sergeant Ronen Lubarsky will be laid to rest Sunday morning in Jerusalem.

Body of missing IDF soldier found after 70 years

70 years after her death during the War of Independence, the body of Pvt. Livka Shefer was recently located.

Parents of fallen IDF soldier seek to use son’s sperm for grandchild

Asher and Irit Shachar, whose son Omri was killed in 2012 while serving in the Israeli Navy, arrived outside the PM's residence on Friday...

IDF soldier arrested for accidentally shooting and killing fellow unit member

A day after 20-year-old Shahar Strug was killed in an accidental shooting at a military base in central Israel, the IDF Military Police arrested...

IDF Chief of Staff speaks at ceremony marking 21 years since Israeli helicopter disaster

An official IDF ceremony was held today in memory of the 73 soldiers who died in the greatest tragedy in IDF history. In 1997,...

State appeals to Supreme Court for further discussion on holding bodies of terrorists

After the Supreme Court ruled that Israel cannot hold the bodies of Palestinian terrorists without additional legislation, the government appealed on Friday in a...

Probe into Arad murder finds suspect sought revenge on IDF

Three weeks after the murder of IDF soldier Ron Kukia, it is revealed that one of the suspects told the Shin Bet he wanted...

Watch: Terror victim’s family light Hanukkah candles with paramedics who tried to save him

Two weeks after IDF soldier Ron Yitzhak Kukia was murdered in a terror attack, his family met with the MDA paramedics who were with...