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Farmers in southern Israel step up protest against Gaza arsonists

About 25,000 acres of farmland have been burned so far by fires caused by incendiary kites and balloons flown from Gaza. ...

Incendiary balloons from Gaza cause fires in southern Israel

Hundreds of Israeli high school students came on Monday to help southern Israeli farmers rehabilitate their burnt fields after weeks of almost daily fires. ...

Explosive devices set off multiple fires, sparking another day of unrest in Israel

Minister Erden on his Twitter page: The phenomenon will only grow bigger if we do not thwart it.

Forces gain control over 5 fires caused by ‘kite terrorism’

One of the fires broke out near Sapir Academic College.

PM orders to deduct payment to arson victims from PA taxes

Netanyahu told the head of the Israeli National Security Council to promote a move whereby money paid by the state to victims of Palestinian...

Firefighters aided by aircraft to combat fires north of the Gaza border

The large fire burns in the fields near Kibbutz Karmia.

Amid tense ceasefire on Gaza border, ‘terror kites’ cause fires in southern Israel

Israelis living near Gaza say the government hasn't been able to find a solution to the newest form of terrorism.

Fires started by ‘terror kite’ re-erupt in southern Israel

Firefighters initially said the blaze was under control, but it broke out again on Saturday. Watch: A firefighter puts out a blazePhoto and video credit:...

4 Palestinians forced back to Gaza after crossing border, IDF says

Just hours earlier, a bomb was thrown at IDF soldiers during a Gaza border protest.

Large fire in southern Israel caused by flaming kite from Gaza

Firefighters are still working to get the blaze under control as high winds are making their job harder. Watch: Large fire in southern IsraelPhoto and...