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Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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Egypt's Intelligence Chief to Meet With Hamas

Testing Israel’s Patience

Friday, October 12, 2018, was particularly violent on the border of the Gaza Strip. Around 15,000 people participated in demonstrations in which seven Palestinians...

EU Calls for Investigation

The European Union urges the sides to the recent Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the Gaza Strip to investigate collateral murders of civilians and to bring...
Gaza fuel tank

Fuel for Peace

Violent Riots in the Gaza Strip (IDF Spokesperson) Fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip would be resumed only if the unrest and clashes between Palestinians...
Gaza Conflict

Choking Leads to War

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu told his cabinet the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were preparing for war against Hamas and other Iranian-backed...
Gaza Conflict

Israel Preparing for War With Gaza

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stark warning to the Palestinian Authority and to the international community during Sunday's cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.The...
The burning Israeli flags in Gaza (WIkimedia CC)

Hamas Will Go for Broke in Gaza

According to Hamas sources, the movement’s leadership has made a strategic resolution to continue to clash with Israel “until the end” in order to...
Jewish children running from terror (wordpress blog)

Children in Southern Israel Often Suffer PTSD

A leading international expert on the psychological struggles facing children living in conflict and war zones recently visited southern Israel and concluded that Israeli...