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Gaza explosion

The Blame Game

Palestinian Authority Cabinet meeting headed by Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas convened his cabinet yesterday to address the situation in the Gaza Strip. Israel...
Hyenas from the Lion King

”More Important” Headlines

Yesterday we published an article noting the missing headlines in the UK press concerning the horrific Palestinian rocket attack from Gaza that landed on...
Two men and woman sitting in subway train side by side, reading newspaper

Missing in the Headlines

A mother and her three children narrowly escaped with their lives in the early hours of Wednesday morning when a rocket fired from Gaza...
PM Netanyahu holds security assessment at IDF Gaza Division HQ 2

PM Heads to Gaza HQ

PM Netanyahu at the security situation assessment at IDF Gaza Division HQ (GPO) Yesterday,Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, held an emergency security meeting at the headquarters...

On the Brink of War

Hamas and Israel came a step closer to all-out war on Tuesday night after two upgraded GRAD missiles were launched at major Israeli population...
explosion (creative commons)

Israel Thwarts Deadly Attack

Overnight, tensions on the Gaza-Israel border flared up with rockets from thePalestinian territory hitting the southern Israeli city of Beersheba. The IDF responded to...

200,000 Residents of Be’er Sheva Run for Shelter

The Israeli army registered on Wednesday a launch of a rocket from the Gaza Strip that resulted in a sounding siren in the city...
Egypt's Intelligence Chief to Meet With Hamas

Testing Israel’s Patience

Friday, October 12, 2018, was particularly violent on the border of the Gaza Strip. Around 15,000 people participated in demonstrations in which seven Palestinians...

EU Calls for Investigation

The European Union urges the sides to the recent Israeli-Palestinian clashes in the Gaza Strip to investigate collateral murders of civilians and to bring...
Gaza fuel tank

Fuel for Peace

Violent Riots in the Gaza Strip (IDF Spokesperson) Fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip would be resumed only if the unrest and clashes between Palestinians...