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Teenage woman stabbed by Palestinian in what is suspected to be a terror attack

The woman is now in critical condition after she suffered from multiple stab wounds in her upper body.

IDF Destroys Hamas Underwater Tunnel

This is the first tunnel with an underwater exit shaft that allows divers to cross the border undetected. The exit of...

Explosive devices set off multiple fires, sparking another day of unrest in Israel

Minister Erden on his Twitter page: The phenomenon will only grow bigger if we do not thwart it.

Hamas commemorates Naksa Day: “Hundreds of missiles will be launched”

Hamas leader in Gaza Mahmoud al-Zahar threatens to increase bloodshed and violence as Palestinians commemorate Naksa Day.

Gaza explosive device successfully defused along border

The tensions between Israel and Gaza are expected to escalate even further tomorrow, as thousands of Palestinians mark Naksa Day.

Terrorist attempting to ram IDF soldiers with tractor eliminated near Hebron

Across the Gaza Strip, thousands rioted violently, with Palestinian reports of about 100 Gazans injured during the clashes with the IDF. ...

Firefighters aided by aircraft to combat fires north of the Gaza border

The large fire burns in the fields near Kibbutz Karmia.

2 Gazans approached the border fence injured; Hamas keeps the ceasefire

122,000 Palestinians from the West Bank participate in Ramadan prayers in Jerusalem.

Gaza Division Commander assures Sderot students they are safe amidst growing tensions

The commander visited a high school in Sderot and told students that Israel will continue to retaliate so that they can continue attending school...

IDF is prepared to intensify retaliations at Hamas, but will hold fire if Hamas...

A spokesperson for the IDF stated that the IDF will ramp up airstrikes and strategic military retaliations in Gaza if rockets continue being shot....