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cash cow

The Cash Cow

The U.S. State Department has posted on its official Twitter account a statistic showing that the Iranian regime gives up to 100 million dollars...

Hezbollah It’s not Halloween Yet

The Israeli Army has accused Hezbollah of secretly setting up a new military observation post on Lebanon's border with Israel under the cover of...
Nuclear Reactor

Only the Tip of The Iceberg

Prior to the Islamic Revolution that swept Iran in 1979, the status of Shiite Muslims in the Arab world (about 20 percent of all...
Mexican drug cartel 2

Hezbollah and Mexican Cartels Tied by The Hip

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag1RVw_YsiAU.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday designated Hezbollah and four other criminal groups as the main transnational threats of organized crime.Sessions said that...
Trump Iran

STOP Using Human Shields Act

The US Senate approved two bills that clear the way for new sanctions against the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah. United States Congress The two bills were...
ranian Leader Boasts of 100K Missiles in Lebanon to Destroy 'Zionist Regime

Lebanon Denies Backing Hezbollah Missile Sites

Lebanon's foreign minister has escorted dozens of ambassadors on a tour of facilities near the Beirut international airport in a bid to disprove Israeli...

Iran Smuggles Weapons in Civilian Aircraft

Iran is sending arms contraband to the Lebanese Shi'ite Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah through a commercial civilian airline, according to a report by the...

Iran, Hezbollah preparing to pull out of southern Syria, human rights group says

A Syrian human rights watchdog has reported that Iranian and Hezbollah forces will soon pull out of two Syrian governorates bordering with Israel. ...

Report claims Iranian-backed militants are dressing as Syrian soldiers to avoid IDF attention

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Iranian-backed forces are circumventing Israel and Russia’s agreement to withdraw Iranian forces from Syria’s border...

London: Pro-Palestinian, pro-Israel protesters face off during Quds Day rally

A Jewish lawyer in a wheelchair managed to delay the pro-Palestinian march until being forcibly moved by police.