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Former Mossad chief says IDF was ordered to prepare attack on Iran in 2011

In an interview with Ovda’s Ilana Dayan, former Mossad head Tamir Pardo revealed that he questioned the legality of the prime minister’s order and...

Iranians enrolled in online Kabbalah course of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s free online course on Kabbalah received some surprising enrollments, with students registering from countries such as Iran, Syria and...

Iranians take to Twitter to send messages of hope and support to Israel

While Muslim communities around the world marked International al-Quds day, some Iranian civilians had heartening messages of hope and love for Israel. ...

In light of new sanctions, Boeing backs out of contract with Iranian carriers

The company said it no longer has a license to sell planes to Iran, adding that no planes have been delivered so far. ...

NATO Chief says the alliance won’t come to Israel’s aid if Iran attacks

Stoltenberg told Der Spiegel that NATO remains uninvolved in Middle Eastern security affairs.

Israeli PM says Iran should not be allowed to place military forces in Syria

Following Lavrov’s statement, the Israeli PM asserted that there is no place for Iran’s military forces in Syria.

US, Israel on edge as Iran continues work on enrichment capacity

In light of recent reports from Tehran, the US has reiterated its vow to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons at all costs. ...

Netanyahu: International consensus on need for Iranian withdrawal from Syria reached

According to Israel’s prime minister, the agreement was reached when he visited three European countries last week.

Gonen Segev, former Israeli minister, charged with spying for Iran

The disgraced former minister, who has been imprisoned for smuggling drugs, was arrested in May for providing Iran with information on Israeli security and...

Iran in new threat against Israel: “World will soon witness its collapse”

The Iranian Army's statement criticizes both the "criminal Zionist regime" and the Arab leaders who are complicit in their silence.