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Israel Attacks Iranian Stronghold in Syria

The SANA news agency said that air defenses have thwarted an attack targeting the T4 military base. According to Syrian state-run media, drones and...

Israeli Airstrike Allegedly Destroys Iranian Terror Cell in Syria

An airstrike in eastern Syria has killed eight fighters from Iraq’s Iran-backed militia Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilisation Forces), a monitoring group said Friday.The Lebanese...

Israeli Airstrike Destroys Iranian Terror Cell in Syria

The official Syrian TV channel has reported a series of attacks across the country. Syrian regime officials and the Iranian military confirmed that among...
The United States National Security Council Adviser John R. Bolton

NSA Advisor: Russia Is Making Empty Gestures and Promises

The United States National Security Council Adviser John R. Bolton on his visit to Israel made several notable statements that revealed what the American...

Report claims Iranian-backed militants are dressing as Syrian soldiers to avoid IDF attention

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Iranian-backed forces are circumventing Israel and Russia’s agreement to withdraw Iranian forces from Syria’s border...

Syrian President Assad says there are no Iranian troops in Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with RT news that there are no Iranian troops in Syria and dismissed Israeli threats as...

Syrian army deployed additional AA systems along border with Israel

Augmenting the AA deployment is meant to decrease the Israeli freedom of operation in the Syrian airspace.

US opposes Israeli-Russian agreement on Iran, Hezbollah evacuation from Syria

Meanwhile, Syrian Army forces are heading to southern Syria to combat militias.

Hezbollah base hit in alleged Israeli strike, Syria war monitor says

No casualties were reported. A Syrian military official said the Israeli missiles had been intercepted.

Report: Syrian military airport came under Israeli missile strike

A Syrian news agency quoted a military official as saying the Israeli missiles were successfully intercepted.