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Friday, January 15, 2021
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IDF Prevents Armed Terrorist from Attacking Near Gaza Fence

A Palestinian terrorist was shot and injured by Israeli forces on Tuesday morning. The terrorist, armed with a knife and a wire cutter, was...

Israel to Shut Down Military Cemeteries on Memorial Day

In an effort to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, the cabinet has approved a nationwide lockdown for next week coinciding with Memorial Day...

Report: Brazil to Open Jerusalem Embassy in 2020

Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of the Brazilian president and chair of the parliamentary committee for international affairs, confirmed Sunday his country would move the...

Israeli Researchers Give Paralyzed Rat the Ability to Walk Again

A promising research study from the Technion and Tel Aviv University is making headlines in the medical world. The Israeli researchers who took part...

Eggs Thrown on Women Protesting Sexual Violence and Rape

Hundreds of women participated in the eighth annual march held by the organization SlutWalk in the center of Jerusalem, condemning the continued threat of...

With over $13.5b in worth, Roman Abramovich becomes richest Israeli

His friends claim that the Russian-British tensions have nothing to do with his decision to move to Israel.

Surprise military exercise launched in Golan Heights amid tensions

While the reservists who were called up were not informed about the drill ahead of time, the IDF is stressing that the exercise is...

Forces gain control over 5 fires caused by ‘kite terrorism’

One of the fires broke out near Sapir Academic College.

Hamas commemorates Naksa Day: “Hundreds of missiles will be launched”

Hamas leader in Gaza Mahmoud al-Zahar threatens to increase bloodshed and violence as Palestinians commemorate Naksa Day.

Gaza border residents say Israeli leadership, just like Hamas, can’t be trusted

According to a mother who lives near the Gaza border, the Israeli leadership is dedicating its security efforts to the north while ignoring the...