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Knesset Set to Vote on Netanyahu Immunity Request

Israel’s Knesset speaker, Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, has announced that the Knesset will vote next week on a panel to consider Nenteyahu's request for parliamentary immunity.“Even...

Supreme Court Will Not Block Bibi from Running in Next Election

Israel’s High Court of Justice has dismissed a petition submitted by 67 plaintiffs to deprive current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of the right to...

Report: Netanyahu Will Not Request Immunity

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not made a formal request for immunity from the country's parliament, the prime minister's office said late Monday.Earlier...

Netanyahu Associates Indicted in Bribery Case

The Israeli State Prosecutor's Office has published charges in the large-scale corruption scheme, known as Case 3000, that involved bribes to Israeli officials for...

Watch: 2 Police Officers Attacked with Knife in Old City

A Palestinian terrorist stabbed and wounded two Border Policemen in Jerusalem’s Old City early this morning.The terrorist approached a police checkpoint inside the Old...
Israeli police terror attack

Watch: Scene of Terror Attack on 4 Israeli Policeman

Four Israeli policemen were wounded by a terrorist attack in Jerusalem.The terrorist entered a police station in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood and stabbed a...

Police Shut Down Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound After Attempted Stabbing

A view of the Al-Aqsa mosque on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount /Andrew Shiva via Wikimedia Commons Israeli police today evacuated the Al-Aqsa mosque area in Jerusalem,...

Gonen Segev, former Israeli minister, charged with spying for Iran

The disgraced former minister, who has been imprisoned for smuggling drugs, was arrested in May for providing Iran with information on Israeli security and...

2 Palestinians injured, 8 arrested, when makeshift bomb accidentally explodes

The two were injured when they accidentally detonated the bomb that they were trying to build.

Report: Police search for gunmen who held IDF soldier at gunpoint, stole his rifle

The gunmen have fled the scene. Police found their vehicle overturned on the side of the road.