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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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terrified Jew being chased and attacked in Jerusalem

Terrified Jew Chased and Attacked in Jerusalem

Posted on Twitter a few days ago there are hundreds of Arabic speakers celebrating this brief video clip of a Jew, wearing his prayer...

Self-Driving Cars Set to Take the Roads in 2019

The Volkswagen Group, Intel’s Mobileye and Champion Motors has announced plans to deploy Israel’s first self-driving ride hailing service in 2019. The Volkswagen Group...

Cyber Virus Infiltrates Iran

The head of Iran’s civil defense agency announced on Sunday that a new version of the Stuxnet virus, believed to be a US-Israeli creation,...
Netanyahu visits Oman

Acceptance Is the Norm

Israel? Isolated? Not really.The claim by Palestinian nationalists and their sympathizers that Israel is globally ostracized for failing to as of yet facilitate the...
UN Peacekeepers

Oh the Irony

According to the United Nations, it is Israel's aggressive approach to security that is one of the primary obstacles to peace in the Middle...

The Dehumanization of Israel and “The Jews”

News reports documented in recent years anti-Jewish sermons in Canadian mosques and Islamic literature that contains anti-Semitic messages. The exposure of the younger generation...

Egypt’s Intelligence Chief to Meet With Hamas

Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamel will pay a visit to the Gaza Strip on Thursday where he will meet with the leadership of Hamas...
Nikki Haley

Israel’s UN Defender Resigns

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced that US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley would leave her post at the end of...

PA Must Stop Choking Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) of suffocating Gaza, controlled by Hamas movement, and warned of grave consequences such policy...
Razing Bedouin Village

Pressure on Israel Over Razing Bedouin Village

Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority Rami Hamdallah called on Germany to exert pressure on Israel over its plans to demolish the Bedouin...