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IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza in response to balloon arson attack

The attacks on Monday evening join the IDF's overnight strike on Hamas terror targets in Gaza. Watch the IAF's overnight attacksPhoto and video credit: IDF...

Watch: IDF elite unit rescues teenagers from deadly flash flood near Dead Sea

Over a month after the tragedy, the Israeli Air Force posted the video of the rescue on its English-language Twitter page. Video Credit: IDF...

Rockets launched towards Israel, IAF attacks 15 Hamas terror targets in retaliation

The IAF strikes targeted a Hamas compound belonging to its naval force.

4-day drill launched in southern Israel amid Gaza tensions

The Israeli military said that residents in the area will likely see increased aircraft activity due to the drill.

Over 35 Hamas, PIJ terror targets attacked in Israeli air raids

In the large-scale attacks, a Hamas terror tunnel was destroyed near the Kerem Shalom border crossing.

Report: Russian bombers escort Israeli fighter jets out of Lebanon’s airspace

The incident reportedly occurred on Sunday. The IDF has refused to comment on the reports.

Watch: Israel unveils new technology designed to rescue injured soldiers from enemy territory

The unmanned aerial vehicle can currently carry only one injured soldier, but the IAI plans to continue to develop the technology so that multiple...

Report: Syrian military airport came under Israeli missile strike

A Syrian news agency quoted a military official as saying the Israeli missiles were successfully intercepted.

Cabinet slams IAF chief for spilling on secret operations

IAF chief Amiram Norkin told 20 foreign air force commanders on Tuesday about Israel's first-ever combat use of the F-35 stealth jet. ...

IAF conducted first-ever combat operation using F-35 stealth fighter jet

The highly-advanced jet is regarded as the most expensive weapons system in history. Not even the US has used it in combat as of...