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Rockets launched towards Israel, IAF attacks 15 Hamas terror targets in retaliation

The IAF strikes targeted a Hamas compound belonging to its naval force.

4-day drill launched in southern Israel amid Gaza tensions

The Israeli military said that residents in the area will likely see increased aircraft activity due to the drill.

Report: Russian bombers escort Israeli fighter jets out of Lebanon’s airspace

The incident reportedly occurred on Sunday. The IDF has refused to comment on the reports.

Iranian attack: 32 rockets were fired, Israel’s F-35s used for first time

The Israeli Air Force commander also revealed that four of the Iranian rockets were intercepted while the rest fell in Syrian territory. ...

Former Israeli defense minister: Israel nearly shot down Russian fighter jet in 2015

Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon was interviewed by a Russian news outlet and revealed that the Israeli Air Force almost intercepted Russian fighter...

Hezbollah releases footage of Israeli drone that fell in southern Lebanon

A few hours after the IDF spokesperson confirmed that a military drone fell in southern Lebanon due to a technical issue, Hezbollah released footage...

Drone crash: IDF attributes incident to technical failure; Lebanon claims drone was downed

An Israeli drone crashed early Saturday morning in southern Lebanon between the villages of Beit Yahoun and Baraachit. According to the IDF, the drone...

Report: Israeli fighter jets fly over Iran undetected

Two advanced Israeli fighter jets flew over Iran without being detected, a Kuwaiti newspaper claimed on Thursday. The aircraft are part of Israel’s new...

German airliner crashes into El Al jet on runway, passengers safely evacuated

Two jets collided on the tarmac of Ben Gurion Airport on Wednesday morning in a severe security incident. No passengers were injured. Authorities are...

Watch: Jets damaged after tail collision in Ben Gurion Airport

As the Ben Gurion Airport continues its investigation of the risky collision between two planes on the runway early on Wednesday morning, watch the...