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Mudar Zahran (Screenshot)

Jordanian Palestinian Activist: “BDS Means No Jobs for Us”

Jordanian Palestinian dissident Mudar Zahran recently addressed the European Parliament, where he spoke out against the BDS Movement.  He praised the Europeans for loving...

Op-Ed: The Media Must Stop Appeasing Terrorists

 Supporting terrorism and wanton violence is not a legitimate political perspective.   The media should not relate to it as such.   It is good to...

Middle East scholar: “It’s possible to overthrow Jordan’s king”

Israel’s Justice Minister calls upon the Jewish state to build more in Judea and Samaria.  Speaking at a conference sponsored by Im Tirtzu, a...

How Did the Muslim World Respond to The Barkan Terror Attack?

Yesterday, two Israelis went to work and did not return home because they were murdered by a Palestinian terrorist.  How did the Muslim world...
Arab-Israel Conflict

Analysis: How Realistic Is the Jordan Option for Resolving the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict?

Recently, it was reported by Abu Mazen that Trump’s deal of the century is, in fact, a confederation between the PA and Jordan, an...

Greenblatt, Kushner to visit Israel to discuss US peace process during Middle East trip

The two plan to meet with Israeli officials to discuss the situation in Gaza as well as the peace process between Israel and the...

Shin Bet arrested Palestinian for killing IDF soldier with marble slab

The Shin bet revealed that the suspect's brothers are Hamas members and were involved in terror attacks that killed Israelis.

Israel preparing for heavy turmoil at the border with Gaza

Palestinians dressed as Nazi camp prisoners are expected to march towards the border.

IDF: Palestinian medic killed during Gaza protest was not shot intentionally

Initial results from the IDF investigation indicate that Razan al-Najjar was not killed from ‘deliberate or direct’ gunfire.

IDF is prepared to intensify retaliations at Hamas, but will hold fire if Hamas...

A spokesperson for the IDF stated that the IDF will ramp up airstrikes and strategic military retaliations in Gaza if rockets continue being shot....