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Damascus International Airport wiki

IDF Attacks Damascus Airport

Damascus International Airport (Wikimedia CC) The Syrian state news agency SANA announced Saturday night that Israel had attacked Damascus airport with missiles, activating its air...
operation good neighbor

Israel Ends Humanitarian Aid to Syrians

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officially announced the completion of "Operation Good Neighbor," ending five years of Jewish state humanitarian assistance to the Syrian...

Iranian general denies reports of imminent withdrawal from Syria

The Iranian army's deputy chief said the US and Israel need to get used to Iran's presence in the region.

Syrian army deployed additional AA systems along border with Israel

Augmenting the AA deployment is meant to decrease the Israeli freedom of operation in the Syrian airspace.

Amid tensions, Israeli-Russian ties extend: “Iranian forces need to evacuate from Syria”

The Israeli Defense Minister and the Chief of Military Intelligence were invited to meet in Moscow.

Syrian militants dug up graves near Damascus in order to find bodies of Israeli...

Syrian forces recently dug up a graveyard near Damascus recaptured from ISIS. According to a Palestinian source in Syria, the forces’ aim was to...

Israel will strike Syrian Army if provoked, Netanyahu warns

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that the IDF will not hesitate to strike the Syrian Army if attacked by it. Watch Netanyahu's full statementPhoto...

Syria: ‘Zionist entity’ is responsible for escalated tensions in the region

Syria’s Foreign Ministry responded to the early morning attack on Iranian targets in its territory by claiming that Israel is responsible for the escalating...

Syria claims missile attack by Israel near Damascus

Israel has not commented on the strike, but it comes only hours after an alleged Iranian strike in the Golan Heights ...

Syrian defense forces shoot down missiles above airbase near Homs

Amid the growing tensions between Damascus and Jerusalem, Syria claimed on Tuesday that it shot down several missiles that were headed toward an airbase...