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Jewish cemetery vandalized in Philadelphia

Another Jewish cemetery in America has been vandalized in what appears to be a possible rise in anti-Semitic acts.

Jewish Americans concerned about number of anti-Semitic incidents

After it was reported that a St. Louis Jewish cemetery was vandalized, many Jewish Americans are concerned about the increasing wave of anti-Semitic incidents....

St. Louis Jewish cemetery did not receive threats before massive vandalism

Almost 200 gravestones were desecrated in a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis, Missouri, over the weekend. In an interview with Israel’s Army Radio, the...

When visiting Israel is not an option

Many people around the world dream of traveling to Israel and experiencing the country. However, until that trip comes, here are five ways you...

Israeli Miami consulate evacuated over bomb threat

The threat quickly turned out to be false, as police found no evidence of any explosives in the building.

Le Pen says in interview: “French Jews cannot hold Israeli citizenship”

Right-wing French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen made another controversial statement in an interview with a local news agency. Le Pen announced that if...

Poland reveals details about 10,000 Nazis war criminals

The Polish Institute of National Remembrance created an online database with the names and details of about 10,000 Nazis who participated in atrocities in...