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Report claims Iranian-backed militants are dressing as Syrian soldiers to avoid IDF attention

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Iranian-backed forces are circumventing Israel and Russia’s agreement to withdraw Iranian forces from Syria’s border...

Study finds major gaps in Holocaust knowledge among Americans

A study released on Thursday found critical gaps in knowledge of basic facts about the Holocaust among the US public, especially among young adults....

10 places you must see in Israel

Read about some of the places you must see when you visit Israel. The Dead Sea, Eilat, Masada and many more. ...

Rare bronze coins dated to Jewish revolt against Rome discovered in Jerusalem

Dr. Eliat Mazar of Israel’s Hebrew University has made a timely discovery ahead of the Jewish holiday of freedom - rare bronze coins dating...

Liberman: Hamas is holding 2 million Palestinians hostage in Gaza

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman accused Hamas of holding the Palestinians in Gaza hostage following the UN Human Rights Council’s decision to investigate Israel...

With over $13.5b in worth, Roman Abramovich becomes richest Israeli

His friends claim that the Russian-British tensions have nothing to do with his decision to move to Israel.

IDF Southern Division official warns against apparent quiet at the border

The IDF commander said Israel needs to focus on bigger threats such as Iran and Syria and prevent escalation with Hamas. ...

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center offers new hope for stroke victims

The Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel HaShomer has extended the treatment protocol for stroke victims from eight hours to 24 hours. The hospital...

Iran in new threat against Israel: “World will soon witness its collapse”

The Iranian Army's statement criticizes both the "criminal Zionist regime" and the Arab leaders who are complicit in their silence.

Netanyahu: With Iranian presence in Syria, Assad is ‘no longer immune’

The Israeli leader answered questions at a London think tank, addressing issues such as Gaza and the Iranian threat.