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Friday, May 21, 2021
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Iran in new threat against Israel: “World will soon witness its collapse”

The Iranian Army's statement criticizes both the "criminal Zionist regime" and the Arab leaders who are complicit in their silence.

Netanyahu: With Iranian presence in Syria, Assad is ‘no longer immune’

The Israeli leader answered questions at a London think tank, addressing issues such as Gaza and the Iranian threat.

German state intelligence agency accuses Iranian government of continuing to develop WMDs

The state-level intelligence and investigation agency stated in a 354-page report that its efforts had resulted in “intensive intelligence on activities of Iran’s spy...

UN Secretary-General orders investigation into ISIS war crimes

The investigation was requested by the Iraqi government back in August 2017.

Israel sends $10,000 to Guatemala following deadly volcano eruption

The aid, the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry explained, will be used to purchase medicine, food and blankets for the victims.

Defense Minister urges the people of Gaza to put an end to Hamas rule

On Israeli hostages still held in Gaza: help us bring back their remains.

Hezbollah training Hamas in Lebanon, according to Lebanese media

Hezbollah is reportedly also working on the construction of a missile-manufacturing factory in Lebanon.

Syrian army deployed additional AA systems along border with Israel

Augmenting the AA deployment is meant to decrease the Israeli freedom of operation in the Syrian airspace.

Netanyahu confers with Putin and Pompeo in ongoing bid against Iran

Netanyahu announced at a cabinet meeting that he spoke with both Putin and Pompeo about developments in the region.

UN passes resolution condemning Israel for ‘excessive use of force’ in Gaza

The resolution urges the UN to send an "international protection mechanism" to protect the Palestinians from the "Israeli occupation".