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Firefighters aided by aircraft to combat fires north of the Gaza border

The large fire burns in the fields near Kibbutz Karmia.

Amid tense ceasefire on Gaza border, ‘terror kites’ cause fires in southern Israel

Israelis living near Gaza say the government hasn't been able to find a solution to the newest form of terrorism.

Israeli farmers plan to sue Hamas over firebomb kite terror tactics

In the past few weeks, Israeli fields near the Gaza border have been destroyed by flaming kites that are sent into Israel by terrorists...

Fires started by ‘terror kite’ re-erupt in southern Israel

Firefighters initially said the blaze was under control, but it broke out again on Saturday. Watch: A firefighter puts out a blazePhoto and video credit:...

Large fire in southern Israel caused by flaming kite from Gaza

Firefighters are still working to get the blaze under control as high winds are making their job harder. Watch: Large fire in southern IsraelPhoto and...