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Friday, September 21, 2018
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Benjamin Netanyahu (office of russia president)

“Netanyahu Will Go to Early Elections in February 2019

The government will dissolve the current Knesset and call for early elections next winter, said sources close to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The current Knesset...

Citing strategic reasons, Israel’s Foreign Ministry tables Armenian Genocide vote

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the Knesset could potentially revisit the topic when relations with Turkey settle down. ...

PMO’s Director General Eli Groner resigns after 3 years in office

Eli Groner promoted several subjects in Israel’s public sector.

Despite Shin Bet warning, Israeli minister vows not to return terrorist’s body.

Israel’s security establishment believes that the move would unnecessarily provoke the Palestinians.

Knesset speaker removes recognition of Armenian Genocide from agenda, sparking left-wing criticism

The vote, originally scheduled for Tuesday, was quietly pulled from the agenda by the office of the Knesset speaker. His spokesperson is on the...

Turkey: Israel would ‘harm itself’ if it recognized Armenian genocide

A motion to hold a plenum debate on the sensitive issue was approved by the Knesset earlier this week.

Israeli Defense Minister calls to outlaw ‘fifth column’ Israeli-Arab MK

Minister Lieberman accused MK Ayman Odeh, the leader of the Joint Arab List party, of being a traitor after he verbally attacked a police...

Knesset supports bill to deduct PA payment to terrorists from tax money

By a 55-14 majority, the Knesset on Monday approved a bill to deduct money paid to terrorists by the Palestinian Authority from its monthly...

PM authorized to declare war in ‘extreme situations’ without cabinet vote

Sixty-two MKs passed a law on Monday night that gives the prime minister and defense minister the authority to declare war “in extreme situations.”...

Meretz leader calls to revoke participation of Honduran president at independence ceremony

Meretz Chairwoman Tamar Zandberg has called on Israel’s Culture Ministry to rescind its invitation of the Honduran president to Israel’s annual torch-lighting ceremony due...