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Nuclear Reactor

Only the Tip of The Iceberg

Prior to the Islamic Revolution that swept Iran in 1979, the status of Shiite Muslims in the Arab world (about 20 percent of all...

Israeli minister confirms secret negotiations between Lebanon’s leaders over disputed border with Israel

A day earlier, the three top leaders of Lebanon discussed “Israel aggression on Lebanese land.”

WATCH: Israeli Navy destroys multiple simulated Hezbollah targets during training

The training exercise simulated attacks from ships and missiles, as the Israeli military prepares for a confrontation along Lebanon's coast. The Israeli Navy trained for...

Hezbollah training Hamas in Lebanon, according to Lebanese media

Hezbollah is reportedly also working on the construction of a missile-manufacturing factory in Lebanon.

Report: Russian bombers escort Israeli fighter jets out of Lebanon’s airspace

The incident reportedly occurred on Sunday. The IDF has refused to comment on the reports.

Netanyahu: Israel will prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon

The prime minister also said that Israel will prevent the transfer of advanced and dangerous weapons to Lebanon.

Hezbollah leader says terror group capable of defeating Israel in war

Nasrallah spoke on the 18th anniversary of the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon and boasted about Hezbollah’s military capabilities.

IAF conducted first-ever combat operation using F-35 stealth fighter jet

The highly-advanced jet is regarded as the most expensive weapons system in history. Not even the US has used it in combat as of...

Hezbollah declares ‘victory’ in 2018 parliamentary election

After Hezbollah and its political allies won over half of the seats in Lebanon’s parliament, Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said that his organization “accomplished what...

Lebanon’s parliamentary election: Hezbollah could win over half of parliament seats

Hezbollah could win over half of the parliament seats in Lebanon, according to state media estimates. However, current prime minister Saad Al-Hariri will likely...