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US, Israel on edge as Iran continues work on enrichment capacity

In light of recent reports from Tehran, the US has reiterated its vow to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons at all costs. ...

Netanyahu confers with Putin and Pompeo in ongoing bid against Iran

Netanyahu announced at a cabinet meeting that he spoke with both Putin and Pompeo about developments in the region.

Unveiling ‘Plan B’, Pompeo says Iran’s refusal would prompt ‘worst sanctions in history’

Pompeo threatened Iran with heavy sanctions if a new nuclear deal isn't reached, but offered a list of concessions in case Iran chooses to...
US Secretary of State MIke Pompeo and Israel PM Benjamin Neatnyahu

US reasserts its support for Israel and promises to work together against Iran

Following a positive meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the latter told reporters that Israel has...

Netanyahu to discuss Iranian threat, nuclear deal with Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will land in Israel today as part of his first official trip abroad since being sworn in last...

Pompeo to visit Israel as part of first overseas trip as secretary of state

As part of his first trip abroad as secretary of state, Mike Pompeo will be visiting Jerusalem, where he will discuss regional affairs with...