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What does ‘teaching your children well’ mean to you?

With Passover just around the corner, Jewish parents are likely wondering how they can educate their children during this year’s seder. For many parents,...

Aliyah with teens is more attainable than you think

The Jacob family has proven that making Aliyah with teens is not only a possibility but also a transition that benefits adolescent children. Liora...

Life in high school is ‘the sweet life’ at Ayanot Elite Academy

Ayanot Elite Academy, one of Naale’s free high school programs in Israel, receives high praise from its students, who are thrilled to be in...

Robophysics in high school?

Find out how Anières Elite Academy’s ground-breaking program is keeping pace with today’s ever-expanding technologies.

Together at last- Coed education in Jerusalem at Dror Elite Academy

Jerusalem’s unique Dror High School is a wonderful place for Modern Orthodox students from around the world who are seeking a religiously pluralistic high...

Dreaming of the land of the patriarchs from paradise

Natan Gad, like many Jewish teens, found his place in Israel. At Naale, a free high school program in Israel, he has flourished academically,...