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Netanyahu Will Appear in Court Over Corruption Charges

Amit Haddad, Benjamin Netanyahu's lawyer has said in a video broadcast that a postponement of the hearing should have been granted but given the...

A decision regarding Sara Netanyahu’s indictment is expected ‘within days’

Israel Attorney-General to decide within the next few days whether to accept Netanyahu’s plea bargain, or bring her to trial.

Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu questioned over his involvement in the corrupt German ‘submarine affair’

Netanyahu said he provided investigator with a full and detailed report regarding his indirect involvement in the case.

Police arrive at Netanyahu’s residence for another round of questioning

The Israel Police has already recommended that Netanyahu be indicted in two of the corruption cases.

Police seek to question Netanyahu in corruption cases again

It appears that the police are trying to tie up the loose ends in the cases involving the prime minister. ...

Former Shin Bet Chief rebuffs eavesdropping allegations

Prime Minister Netanyahu has also denied giving such directions.

Report: Netanyahu was influenced by wife and son in major security-related decisions

According to Ynet, Netanyahu's former aide has told police investigators about heavy pressure the prime minister had been subjected to by his wife and...

PM’s wife and son accuse police of leaking details from investigation to media

In a complaint filed by Sara and Yair Netanyahu on Wednesday, they demanded that police investigated the alleged leaking of information from their investigation...

Netanyahu says after police investigation he is ‘confident’ of his innocence

In a video posted on his Facebook page shortly after being investigated on corruption allegations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that he is...

Police investigators arrive at Netanyahu’s residence for Case 4000 questioning

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, are currently being questioned regarding Case 4000 at two different locations. Their son Yair is...