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New York: Comverse founder Jacob Alexander sentenced to 30 months for backdating

The Israeli-born Alexander returned to the US last year after fleeing to Namibia to escape prosecution for backdating charges.

Watch: Bull roams streets of Queens

New York City residents were surprised to see a bull roaming the streets of Queens on Tuesday. The bull somehow escaped from nearby slaughterhouse...

Watch: Teens rescued after falling through ice in Central Park

Despite the many warning signs in the area, a group of teenagers chose to stand on an icy pond in Central Park to take...

Welcome 2017: Celebrations in the Pacific

2017 has already begun in the Pacific islands, New Zealand and Australia.jwplayer("jwplayer").setup({ sources: , image: "http://www.jerusalemonline.com/images/AAANuphar/2017.jpg", aspectratio: "4:3", width: "100%", abouttext:...

Op-Ed: Best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve

Rachel Gross writes about her plans for New Year's Eve