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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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cash cow

The Cash Cow

The U.S. State Department has posted on its official Twitter account a statistic showing that the Iranian regime gives up to 100 million dollars...

Gaza fires two rockets into Israel, breaking unilateral ceasefire by Hamas and PIJ

One mortar, headed for the Eshkol Regional Council, was intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome aerial defense system. The second reportedly landed within the Gaza...

Hamas drone storage facility, naval base among targets attacked by IDF

According to the IDF, Hamas’s offensive capabilities, especially those related to naval operations, were damaged in the counterattacks.

IDF releases video footage of strikes on Hamas, PIJ targets in Gaza

Among the terror targets destroyed by the IDF were storage facilities for missiles and drones as well as naval weapons. Watch: IDF strikes terror targets...

IDF is prepared to intensify retaliations at Hamas, but will hold fire if Hamas...

A spokesperson for the IDF stated that the IDF will ramp up airstrikes and strategic military retaliations in Gaza if rockets continue being shot....

PIJ posted a video showing rockets and mortar bombs fired towards Israel

In the video, terrorists are seen loading rockets. This is followed by photos of the damages on the Israeli side.

Addressing renewed violence, Hamas and Islamic Jihad say they don’t want war

The terrorist groups accused Israel of escalating the situation by trying to "change the status quo" in Gaza.

Israeli Air Force strikes in Gaza after Islamic Jihad mortar shell attack

The IDF reportedly targeted both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets throughout the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu: Israel will exact heavy price on those who wish us harm

After 30 mortal shells were fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli security establishment is now planning its response. ...

PIJ vows revenge after Israel eliminates 3 members in latest strike

Two of the terrorists have already been laid to rest.