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Friday, February 19, 2021
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TiK Tok Video Mocks Holocaust Victims

A video involving a joke about ID tattoos that were used in Nazi concentration camps has attracted quite a bit of attention on TikTok,...
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Pope Disproves of Trump’s Mideast Peace Deal

Pope Francis seemingly dismissed President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” by calling it an “inequitable solution,” reports Reuters.According to the report, Francis was...
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Pope Urges US and Iran to Take Caution

Pope Francis urged the United States and Iran, during Thursday’s annual “State of the World” address, to exercise restraint and pursue dialogue in order...
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Pope Visits Vilna Ghetto

As part of the tour of the Head of State of the Vatican City by the Baltic countries, Pope Francis visited the ancient ghetto...
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Pope Pays Tribute to Lithuanian Holocaust Victims

Pope Francis honored yesterday the victims of the Jewish community of the Nazi occupation in Lithuania during World War II, in an open-air mass,...