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Lackluster Turnout on Anniversary of ‘March of Return’

Tens of thousands of Palestinians took part this weekend in demonstrations to commemorate the anniversary of so-called "Great March of Return"; despite the stormy weather and strong...

Abbas Urges to ‘Keep the Ground Aflame Against Israel’

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called on Palestinians to “keep the ground aflame with popular resistance” against Israel.The Palestinians, he said, should not “underestimate...

London: Pro-Palestinian, pro-Israel protesters face off during Quds Day rally

A Jewish lawyer in a wheelchair managed to delay the pro-Palestinian march until being forcibly moved by police.

Thousands of Palestinians protest against Israel on the combined Naksa-Ramadan-Al-Quds Day

20 wildfires broke out on Friday, eight explosive kites were launched, and children aiding the protesters were photographed.

Israel preparing for heavy turmoil at the border with Gaza

Palestinians dressed as Nazi camp prisoners are expected to march towards the border.

IDF drops leaflets in Gaza urging locals to skip Friday fence protests

The Israeli army accused Hamas of exploiting Gazans for its own political gain.

Watch: Palestinian nurse killed on Gaza border throws gas grenade

Razan al-Najjar is also shown in the video admitting that she served as a human shield for Hamas. Watch: Nurse admits: "I'm a human shield"Video...

IDF: Palestinian medic killed during Gaza protest was not shot intentionally

Initial results from the IDF investigation indicate that Razan al-Najjar was not killed from ‘deliberate or direct’ gunfire.

Gaza explosive device successfully defused along border

The tensions between Israel and Gaza are expected to escalate even further tomorrow, as thousands of Palestinians mark Naksa Day.

As tense ceasefire holds, IDF gears up for renewal of Friday fence protests

Though Israeli security officials are predicting a much smaller turnout than usual, Friday's events could determine the fate of the current ceasefire. ...