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Minestrone soup with Parmesan flakes

The Parmesan punch in this classic soup will make it a must-have for the coming winter months!

Chocolate soufflé with a twist

This is a must-have dessert for any chocolate lover: a decadent chocolate soufflé with white chocolate cubes.

Potatoes with arugula pesto

A beautiful dish with vibrant colors - and super easy to prepare!

Tnuva’s new deli cut cheeses now available in light version

Now you can indulge your “cheesy cravings” without worrying about your waistline by making scrumptious dishes with Tnuva’s new line of Deli Cut Light...

Cheese-stuffed pasta shells

A tasty lunch for the whole family!

Cheesecake with chocolate and blueberries

A sumptuous, beautiful cake that’s sure to delight guests – if you agree to share any of it, that is!

Orange soup with feta and toasted pumpkin seeds

The melted cheese adds depths and flavor to the soup while the pumpkin seeds add a delightful crunchiness. Put them together and you’ve got...

Roasted beet salad with feta

A fresh, fun salad that’s packed with nutrients – and is easy to make!

Onion soup with Swiss cheese flakes

Celebrate autumn with onion soup and comforting melted cheese flakes.

Puff pastry and apple tart

This delicious pastry, made with Tnuva’s puff pastry dough and fresh apples, is easy to make and will become your family’s favorite dessert instantly....