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Bomb Attack at Jewish Office

Mikhail Skoblionok The leader of the Jewish community and a well-known businessman in the region of Tatarstan, Russian was injured Monday when a package he...

Israeli Uncovers Secret Pact

Ahead of the new wave of anti-Iranian sanctions, bound to come in force in November and impact the Islamic Republic’s oil exports, the Israeli...
Syria Civil War

Syria, Russia and Iran May Perpetrate an Ethnic Holocaust

Three million Sunnis are taking refuge in and around the city of Idlib in the north of Syria. Syria, Russia, and Iran are tempted...
The United States National Security Council Adviser John R. Bolton

NSA Advisor: Russia Is Making Empty Gestures and Promises

The United States National Security Council Adviser John R. Bolton on his visit to Israel made several notable statements that revealed what the American...

Assad denies Israeli-Russian coordination, claims Syria isn’t ‘a puppet state’

In a rare interview to foreign media aired on Sunday in Britain, Syria’s president accused the West of being responsible for the high death...

Due to Russian-Israeli cooperation, Hezbollah terrorists now wearing Syrian Army uniforms

The Hadashot news report seems to contradict the understanding that Israel and Russia apparently reached regarding the presence of foreign forces along the Syrian-Israeli...

IDF paratroopers to train with U.S airborne brigade in NATO exercise

Exercise Swift Response is held amid growing concerns over the Russian invasion of the Crimean Peninsula.

With over $13.5b in worth, Roman Abramovich becomes richest Israeli

His friends claim that the Russian-British tensions have nothing to do with his decision to move to Israel.

Defense Minister Liberman expresses appreciation for Russia’s support of Israel

The two defense ministers discussed Israel’s security issues and agreed to continue an open dialogue between the two countries.

Russia denies terror allegations after car-ramming in Moscow injures 8

While Russian authorities claim that the driver was drunk and lost control of the vehicle, video footage from the incident tells a different story. ...