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Hamas Says Israel Will Pay for Recent Escalation of Violence

Hamas has announced that Israel would pay for aggression against the Palestinian people after the Israeli Air Force struck Hamas strongholds in the Gaza...

Hamas and Hezbollah Meet to Discuss Strategy Against Israel

This week Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh met with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah in Beirut to discuss strategy against Israel."Both sides discussed the power of ties between...

Hamas Fires Half a Dozen Rockets Into Israel

At least 6 rockets were fired from Gaza through the night, the IDF stated on Friday morning, adding that the projectiles appeared to strike...

Hamas Lights Southern Israel Ablaze

Israel Air Force planes and combat helicopters attacked Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip overnight after incendiary bombs launched by Palestinians in Gaza caused...

Farmers in southern Israel step up protest against Gaza arsonists

About 25,000 acres of farmland have been burned so far by fires caused by incendiary kites and balloons flown from Gaza. ...

Incendiary balloons from Gaza cause fires in southern Israel

Hundreds of Israeli high school students came on Monday to help southern Israeli farmers rehabilitate their burnt fields after weeks of almost daily fires. ...

Forces gain control over 5 fires caused by ‘kite terrorism’

One of the fires broke out near Sapir Academic College.

Gaza border residents say Israeli leadership, just like Hamas, can’t be trusted

According to a mother who lives near the Gaza border, the Israeli leadership is dedicating its security efforts to the north while ignoring the...

5 Israeli Bedouins arrested on suspicion of stealing soldier’s weapon

Police claim that the motive for the attack was criminal.

4-day drill launched in southern Israel amid Gaza tensions

The Israeli military said that residents in the area will likely see increased aircraft activity due to the drill.