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Countdown to Liftoff

https://youtu.be/7E9EshbCkfEIsrael is making history. In just a few days, an Israeli spacecraft will take off for the moon. Named Beresheet (Genesis), it took nearly...
Time Capsule

Contents of Israel’s Moon Time-capsule Revealed

The Beresheet spacecraft. The Israeli SpaceIL group and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presented this week a time capsule that will travel to the moon with...

Israel Sets Her Eyes on The Moon

The First Israeli unmanned spacecraft will be launched to the moon on December 2018 and land on February 13, 2019Five years ago, three young...

SpaceIL finalist in Google Lunar XPRIZE

The Israeli group SpaceIL has been chosen as one of the five finalists in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, securing a launch contract to the...

Weekend Edition: Israel shoots for the Moon

The first Israeli spaceship may land on the moon by 2017.jwplayer("jwplayer").setup({ sources: , image: "http://www.jerusalemonline.com/images/AYael/moon301015.jpg", aspectratio: "4:3", width: "100%", abouttext: "JerusalemOnline.com", ...