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Why American Universities are looking to Eilat as the next campus for their students?

Study in Israel’s CEO Shlomo (Momo) Lifshitz is hosting an international academic delegation at Ben-Gurion University’s Eilat campus which aims to bring overseas students...

Israel’s nationwide English program begins

Today (Wednesday), the Israeli Education Ministry approved a 50 million NIS budget for a national program for English in schools. The program intends to...

Test-taking on a screen: Israeli standardized tests soon to be given on computers

Starting from next school year’s summer exam term, a majority of Israeli school standardized tests will be taken via computers. Students will be required...

Additional funding for ultra-orthodox students at the expense of secular students

The Israeli government has allocated an additional 500 million NIS towards extra-curricular activities for ultra-orthodox students. The extra-curricular activities are aimed at giving the...

Azrieli Start-Up MBA at the Technion

One-year international MBA program taught in English

Studying at IDC Herzliya

Asher, a future student of IDC Herzliya, shares his personal challenge of choosing his academic program in the States or here in Israel ...