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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Taliban and Afghani government declare ceasefire ahead of Muslim Eid holiday

The Afghani government is hopeful that the ceasefire will finally lead to a "political solution to the conflict".

Bomb planted under ambulance injures over 140 in Afghanistan

Dozens were murdered and at least 140 were wounded when a bomb strapped to an ambulance exploded at an Afghan Police checkpoint in Kabul....

Afghanistan: 2 car bombs explode on Afghan military base, 6 still missing

Two car bombs exploded one after the other inside an Afghan army base in the Kandahar province. 43 out of 60 soldiers stationed at...

Taliban warns US after Trump clears way for more US troops in Afghanistan

As Trump approves expansion of US military intervention in Afghanistan, senior level members of the Taliban hit back with warning: "We will continue this...

British Azaria speaks out: “I made a terrible mistake”

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Sergeant Alexander Blackman, who was released recently after serving time in jail for manslaughter after shooting a...

Afghanistan: Taliban murders 12 policemen at checkpoint

Taliban terrorists murdered at least 12 police officers in Afghanistan late last night with the help of a policeman affiliated with the terrorist organization....