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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Israeli police terror attack

Watch: Scene of Terror Attack on 4 Israeli Policeman

Four Israeli policemen were wounded by a terrorist attack in Jerusalem.The terrorist entered a police station in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood and stabbed a...

Barkan Terrorist Still on The Run

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94sYiG0S2jQA month has passed since the deadly terrorist attack at the Barkan Industrial Zone in October, but despite the time that has passed and...
Roadside bomb

Those Aren’t for The Birds

All it takes is one little rumor, no matter how ludicrous or easily debunked, to set off another major round of violence.That's what is...

Looks Downfield….Intercepted

he Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said on Thursday they had registered a projectile launch from the Gaza Strip toward the Israeli territory and used...
Syrian bomb10312013

7 Plus 1

Air raid sirens sounded in southern Israel late Wednesday. The Israeli military said in a statement early Thursday that an Iron Dome interceptor system...
Photo Amit Shisel Israel Olympic Committee

Bronze, Silver & Gold

"Gold Medal... Silver... Bronze... for Israel" was announced at the awards ceremony of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Shortly after...

It’s Time to Change the Game

A tense quiet in the Gaza border region might be the result of serious Israeli threats to "change the game" should terrorists in the...
Gaza explosion

The Blame Game

Palestinian Authority Cabinet meeting headed by Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas convened his cabinet yesterday to address the situation in the Gaza Strip. Israel...
Hyenas from the Lion King

”More Important” Headlines

Yesterday we published an article noting the missing headlines in the UK press concerning the horrific Palestinian rocket attack from Gaza that landed on...
Two men and woman sitting in subway train side by side, reading newspaper

Missing in the Headlines

A mother and her three children narrowly escaped with their lives in the early hours of Wednesday morning when a rocket fired from Gaza...