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Lebanese army soldiers take part in a military parade to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Lebanon's independence in downtown Beirut, Lebanon November 22, 2017. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir - RC14B8891980

Netanyahu: Lebanon Must Be Sanctioned

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyazzEkPeCoIn a televised address held at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, PM Benjamin Netanyahu said he backs the military's operation to destroy underground...
Terror Tunnels

Watch: Hezbollah Terrorist Caught by IDF Inside Terror Tunnel

The Israeli Defense Forces has announced that they were launching Operation Northern Shield to “expose and neutralize cross-border” tunnels that Hezbollah used to attack...

Lebanon’s Countermove

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_hyYy5crcYAn IDF spokesman has announced that the Israeli army was launching the Northern Shield Operation at the Israeli-Lebanese border in order to find and...

IDF reveals it destroyed underwater tunnel dug by Hamas

The tunnel would have allowed the terrorist group access to Israel's territory through the water. Watch: The destruction of the tunnelPhoto and video credit: IDF...

IDF Destroys Hamas Underwater Tunnel

This is the first tunnel with an underwater exit shaft that allows divers to cross the border undetected. The exit of...

Israel building underwater barrier to prevent Gazan terrorists from infiltrating Israel

The decision to build the barrier was made after terrorists tried to enter Israel via the Mediterranean during Operation Protective Edge. ...

Israeli fighter jets target Hamas terror tunnel, naval sites

The strike was part of Israel’s response to an arson attack carried out by Gazan terrorists yesterday.

Hamas terror tunnel destroyed by Israeli fighter jets

Last night, the IDF attacked and destroyed a terror tunnel that was dug by Hamas near the Erez border crossing. The tunnel’s route was...

Gaza: Hamas terrorist killed in tunnel collapse

A tunnel collapsed in Gaza on Sunday, killing a Hamas terrorist named Thaer Nayef al-Zaraei, according to Palestinian media outlets.

IDF reveals technology behind discovery of Hamas terror tunnels

After destroying another terror tunnel over the weekend, the IDF revealed its strategy for neutralizing the underground pathways.