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Puff pastry and apple tart

This delicious pastry, made with Tnuva’s puff pastry dough and fresh apples, is easy to make and will become your family’s favorite dessert instantly....

Yummy plum pistachio cake

You can't go through summer without making at least one plum cake. You know, the kind where the deep red of the plum bubbles...

Caprese Salad

This delicious Caprese salad is made with cherry tomatoes of a variety of sizes and colors, sheep's feta and an addictive dressing. Just perfect...

Honey oatmeal scones

These sweet pastries are rich in fiber – and in taste!

Healthy new recipe: Vegetable lasagna with goat cheese

One of the wonderful things about lasagna is how versatile it is. Try this refreshing version that the whole family is sure to love! ...

Mini stuffed peppers with cheese and chili peanuts

This colorful appetizer comes with a crunchy, tasty twist.

Stuffed phyllo with spinach and mozzarella

These crunchy phyllo rolls filled with spinach and mozzarella are a classic combination that’s sure to be a hit.

Poached egg and feta cheese sandwich

Need a new snack for the middle of the day? Try this poached egg and fete cheese sandwich!

Roasted butternut squash with feta

A rich, filling salad that's oh-so-simple to make.

Delicious banana muffins with a cinnamon crust

These are great breakfast muffins that are also a fun afternoon snack with a refreshing cup of iced coffee.