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5-minute piquant cheese quiche

This is a delicious, tangy and cheesy quiche. Just mix all of the ingredients together, bake and serve with an Israeli salad. ...

3-ingredient tart

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this beautiful, delicious savory tart!

Yummy! Individual cherry pies

A warm, refreshing treat that you don’t have to share!

Hot salad with chickpeas, seared carrot, crumbled feta and green onions

Delicious chickpeas, seared sweet carrot strips, crumbled feta and green onions – the result is a vibrant, healthy, delicious salad with a perfect blend...

Healthy snack idea: Beet spread with labaneh and lemon zest

Put these aromatic ingredients together and you’ve got magic! The sour and creamy labaneh brings out the best in this tasty root vegetable. ...

Cheesy Muffins with Vegetables and Mustard

The aromatic cheeses mixed in with the batter create personal muffins with the texture of clouds. For variety, use the vegetables you love, like...

Yummy! Challah with cheese and thyme

These beautiful challahs are stuffed with a delicious cheese filling and will look fantastic at your Shavuot meal.

Tasty chard and feta cheese bake

These delicious pastries, made with Tnuva's crumbled sheep feta dough, will make a great addition to your Shavuot dinner table. ...

Great recipe for Shavuot: Broccoli quiche with goat cheese

With Shavuot right around the corner, you might be searching for a good recipe or two to make for your friends and family. This...

Healthy and tasty: Whole wheat pizza

While kids love pizza night, pizzas aren’t the most healthy dinner option out there. For parents who are looking to please their children by...