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Enjoy these cheese pancakes

These sweet, fried cheese patties are an easy dessert that both kids and grownups will love!

Root vegetable salad

Get your peelers ready! This colorful, healthy salad will brighten up any meal.

Tasty lemon poppy seed cupcakes

These sweet lemon poppy seed cupcakes will make a wonderful addition to any Purim gift baskets you are preparing to make. ...

Easy to prepare: Pepper salad with basil and sheep’s feta

Made with ripe peppers and Tnuva’s crumbled sheep feta, this salad recipe is just what you need in order to brighten up your day. ...

Simple and fast: Crostinis with tomato, basil and feta cheese

Tnuva’s special crostini recipe is a great party snack idea. Whether you’re hosting the party or coming as a guest, everyone will be happy...

Refreshing potato salad with egg and crumbled feta cheese

Potato salads are a kitchen favorite and now you can introduce your family to one that includes crumbled feta cheese. ...

Cauliflower with Labaneh

Chef Nomi Abeliovich shares this delicious, flavorful recipe for cauliflower in a creamy labaneh sauce.

Tnuva’s simple banana bread recipe

Tnuva USA’s tasty banana bread recipe is just what your recipe book has been missing. With just about 3 ripe bananas and some chopped...

Don’t miss out on Tnuva’s cheese puffs

You will only need nine ingredients to make these delicious cheese puffs. After 25 minutes in the oven, they will be ready for your...

Creamy pumpkin feta quiche for Tu Bishvat

If you are looking for a new recipe to make this Tu Bishvat, try Tnuva’s creamy pumpkin feta quiche. Made with dried cranberries and...