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In phone call, Macron warns Trump of EU’s response to ‘illegal’ tariffs

The French leader added that the EU would take 'firm' and 'proportionate' action against the move.

New Trade pact between Canada and Israel to be announced

The new trade agreement between Canada and Israel is said to put a focus on gender equality.

US to sue China at WTO for alleged trade law violations

US President Donald Trump is expected to announce later on Thursday that the US will sue China at the World Trade Organization for practices...

Russia to impose heavy taxes for trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

The Russian Finance Ministry announced that it will begin enforcing regulations on trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. "A total ban will lead to illegal...

PM speech interrupted by protesters opposing arms trade deal with Myanmar

A handful of protesters interrupted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech by shouting at him to halt the sale of weapons to Myanmar. Watch: Protesters...

China presents ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative at special forum

China's president pledged over $100 billion at a special forum in Beijing for the new "One Belt, One Road" initiative. The initiative's aim is...