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Saturday, January 19, 2019
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President Trump (flickr)

Amid bipartisan attacks, Trump defends controversial child separation policy

The US President tweeted on Monday that children are being used by criminals who wish to enter the US.

Trump: No new sanctions on North Korea during the talks

The existing sanctions will remain in place.

President Trump meets with socialite Kim Kardashian-West at the White House

Following an exchange between Kardashian-West’s husband, Kanye, and the president, she was invited to the White House to lobby the president on issues of...

Korean leaders Kim and Moon meet amid uncertainty surrounding US-NK summit

The surprise meeting came shortly after US President Trump tweeted that the cancelled summit may be back on.

Trump shows excitement on Twitter ahead of US embassy move to Jerusalem

US President Donald Trump tweeted “congratulations to all!” on Saturday ahead of the embassy move. Trump will not attend the opening of the new...

Trump: Tillerson out as Secretary of State, Pompeo to take his place

CIA Director Mike Pompeo will replace Rex Tillerson as US Secretary of State, President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday. In a tweet, Trump thanked...

Twitter: Russian bots retweeted Trump 500,000 times in weeks leading to 2016 election

The social media company has reveled to US Congress that thousands of Russian-affiliated automated accounts retweeted President Donald Trump nearly half a million times...

Trump denies ‘shithole’ comment: “This was not the language used”

After coming under fire for reportedly calling Haiti, El Salvador and African nations “shithole countries,” US President Donald Trump denied the reports. “Never said...

Trump claims to be ‘very stable genius’ after mental stability and intelligence questioned

US President Donald Trump took to his Twitter page in order to praise himself in response to the controversial Fire and Fury: Inside the...

Iran’s top diplomat: Trump has ‘odd way’ of showing respect for Iranians

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticized US President Donald Trump on Thursday after the American leader claimed to have “such respect for the...