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1 in 4 Cars on The Road Will Be Self-Driving Thanks to Israel

Thanks to Israel, experts are predicting that in 2030 one in four cars will drive the streets without a driver.The Israeli company MobilEye, which was...

Self-Driving Cars Set to Take the Roads in 2019

The Volkswagen Group, Intel’s Mobileye and Champion Motors has announced plans to deploy Israel’s first self-driving ride hailing service in 2019. The Volkswagen Group...

Volkswagen to pay 2.8 billion dollar fine due to gas emissions scandal

US court imposed a 2.8 billion dollar fine on Volkswagen after the company admitted to cheating in gas emissions tests. ...

Did former Shin Bet head notify Volkswagen about EPA diesel emission report?

A German newspaper claims that former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin played a role in the leak of the United States Environmental Protection Agency...