Next month, legendary English pop group Take That will be performing in Israel as part of the Wonderland Tour. The nineties boy band has sold millions of albums worldwide and won numerous awards.

Take That

Take That Photo credit: Concerto

Legendary English pop group Take That will be arriving for a single performance in Israel on November 27th, as part of the world tour for its latest album Wonderland.

The nineties boy band created seven number one albums in Britain, with hits such as Back for Good, Pray, Patience, Greatest Day and others. Since 1990, more than fifty Take That singles have reached the top of the charts. In 1996, the band separated after Robbie Williams left but reunited a decade later, still without Williams. In 2010, Williams rejoined Take That for the album Progress, which became the fastest selling album of the 21st century. 

Ticket sales from the Wonderland Tour are now estimated at over eight million dollars. The band has performed for over eight million people throughout their tours and sold over forty-five million albums. Take That has won eight Brit Awards and six Ivor Novello Awards.