Posters hung in Jerusalem incite Jewish-Orthodox youths to violence and call on them to murder soldiers. This is not the first time that posters inciting to violence against soldiers have been hung.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Anonymous posters in Jerusalem, known in the Jewish-Orthodox community as pashkevils, were hung during the Shavuot holiday. The posters order Orthodox-Jews conscripted into the army to “take their rifles” and shoot anyone connected to the matter. These posters are titled as “Halakhic ruling”‎‏ despite the fact that no rabbi signed them.

The posters claim that these actions should be done in accordance with the “Let him be killed rather than transgress” principle in Judaism. According to this principle, although ordinarily one is permitted to transgress halakha when a life is in danger, certain situations require one to give his or her life.

The posters also specifically call for the murder of female soldiers, commanders and anyone connected to the recruitment process. The posters then encourage the youths to commit suicide so that they will “not lose the next world.”

Earlier this week, Channel 2 News reported that similar posters were hung over walls in the city of Bnei Brak, offering Jewish-Orthodox children money for verbally assaulting members of the community who serve in the military. The posters offered large rewards for children under 15 who are escorted to a police station due to these actions and even larger rewards if they are held for interrogation.