Talia Meged may only be 9-years-old, but she understands very well what is perceived from the outside as the complexities of life within a family of same-sex parents. “I’ve never felt that I’m missing something,” she answers to those wondering in the wake of the Israeli government opposition to allowing same-sex parents to adopt.

Nine-year-old with two fathers

Nine-year-old with two fathers Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Talia Meged may only be 9-years-old, but she already recognizes the broad implications of the Israeli Supreme Court’s opposition to allow same-sex parents to adopt children. Talia, who lives in Tel Aviv, has two fathers and both are named Doron. “My life is no different from others. I don’t feel different,” Talia said. “All of my friends know about it and none of them react in a strange way.”

Life without a mother is her reality and she only knows of the other reality from her friends. “When I was younger, maybe I was a little upset about it for a bit but when I grew up, I understood that I have nothing to regret,” Talia added. “I’ve never felt that I’m missing something. I haven’t felt a heavy emotional burden in my life.”

If the state’s position remains as is, Talia is certain that the consequences will be severe. “It’s possible that if they legislated more laws like this in the period I was born, my brother and I wouldn’t have been born,” she explained. “Let people live their lives as they wish. It’s not the government’s decision how people should live if they haven’t committed a crime.”